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What is .NET Framework Programming?

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One of the most widely used developer platforms, .NET helps build a variety of products and services based on the web, mobile, desktop, microservices, gaming, machine learning, cloud, and Internet of Things. It is a revolutionary platform that is reliable, secure, fast, and easy to deploy. But before we move on and discuss how it has changed the way codes are written and used in today’s world, let us understand, what is .NET and .NET frameworks?

What is .NET?

A .NET is a developer platform that consists of tools, libraries, and programming languages to build various applications. .NET code can be implemented beyond Windows OS like macOS, Android, IOS, and a lot more.

What is Windows .NET Framework?

A .NET Framework allows the building and functioning of codes much faster and easier.

Since it consists of a library that has pre-built codes, it reduces the work of a developer to write every code from scratch. The two major parts of the Microsoft .NET Framework are the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework Class Library.

Things you need to know about .NET Development

  • .NET frameworks are free to use, which means these open-source platforms do not require licensing fees.
  • The latest stable release of the .NET framework is 4.8.
  • You can use C# (C Sharp), F# (F Sharp), or Visual Basic programming languages to write .NET applications.
  • The run time execution environment uses Just in Time (JIT) compilers.

Difference between .NET and .NET Framework

Server-side apps are built on two different implements, i.e. .NET and .NET Framework. The codes and components are shared by both platforms, but there is a difference between the two.

Ideal usage of .NET for server applications:

  • Suitable for scalable systems which require cross-platforms.

Ideal usage of .NET Framework for server applications:

  • When the server application uses third-party libraries which are not available for .NET, you can use the .NET framework. In addition to this, ASP.NET web forms can also be used in .NET frameworks.

Benefits of .NET Framework

  • Memory management: Unlike other platforms, programming languages are not required for the task of handling and releasing memory to the objects. CLR provides memory in the.NET Framework.
  • Class library: The workload of programmers reduces as the framework provides ready-to-use codes in the extensive library.
  • Development technologies: ASP.NET and ADO.NET are the two key examples of library functionality that offer specific development technology. Using these functionalities feature-rich specific web apps can be developed easily.
  • Compatibility: Modifications are hardly required as the platform offers a higher level of compatibility between the lower and higher versions of the .NET Framework.
  • Multi-targeting: By resolving the compatibility conflicts, the framework provides ease of using class libraries that were created by targeting the .NET Standard.

What is the role of a .NET developer?

A .NET developer can build programs on Microsoft’s Windows platform by using VB.NET, C# (C sharp), and F# (F sharp) programming languages. A developer focuses on six stages of program development, i.e., program analysis, program design, development, testing, implementation, and evaluation. They focus on building the Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC) to create wireframes and prototypes for their clients.

The biggest benefit of the .NET Framework is cross-platform compatibility, thus experienced developers can help create programs for scalable and reusable applications.

Although there are large code libraries to ease the task of building mobile and web applications, still it is important to hire an experienced .Net developer to leverage the highest potential for this open-source platform.

Closing thoughts

.NET Framework is highly popular among developers. It offers migration options, and the compatibility issues are also resolved which increases the efficiency of the developers to build powerful applications quickly. It is a cross-platform and open-source framework, which means developing applications is easy and cost-effective. Make sure to talk to the industry experts to choose the most suited framework for your applications.

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