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What is Python and how does it work

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To create everything from commercial software to computer programs, engineers use various types of codes and programming languages. Python is a specific programming language used frequently by leading developers across the world, as its general–purpose applications can be used for many functions such as building websites, iPhone app development and software testing. In fact, it holds the coding of a wide range of software we as a society use every single day.

As an app development company, the developers at Jaarvis use Python development to create software and apps for our clients every day. We’re invested in educating our clients and audience in the work we do so they can better understand the products, software and applications we create for them. Here we explore what python is and what it’s primarily used for.

What is Python?

Python is a high-level computer programming language that nearly all software developers are fluent in because of its extensive list of possible applications. As a language, Python exists as a collection of actions, tasks and inputs made up of characters, so when a developer is conducting Python software development, they understand the characters required to create a code that works for their objective.

Among developers, Python is known for its functionality, productivity, versatility and widespread capabilities. If you want to get a bit more technical, Python requires no compilation step, so the process of editing, testing and debugging is much faster than other languages. Given the long length of code required in programming, that’s a very welcomed feature for engineers.

What is Python used for?

Python has both general-purpose capabilities and the benefit of being easy-to-use, so it’s applied for many specific purposes as well as everyday tasks. For example, Python is the programming language behind Netflix’s recommendation algorithm and the customer service chatbots you can find on many company websites. It lives behind the scenes, tucked away neatly in the mechanics of software so we never really notice.

Python is frequently used in web development, artificial intelligence, automating tasks and streamlining computer functions. It’s even used by data scientists for data visualisation and accountants organising finances – which is a credit to its ability to be picked up and quickly applied by those without industry experience.

Web development

Website development using Python allows for straightforward websites with coding that works well in the back-end, so users on the front-end experience fewer issues. Python web development consists of facilitating a structure that sends data between servers, URL routing, establishing and ensuring security and protection, communicating with databases and processing data.

Each of these is an essential task for a successful website, but also for other software platforms. Python app development requires programmers to use similar but adapted methods to build mobile applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a more complex use of Python, as developing AI requires a series of codes that functions together, which goes to show just how much range Python has. Python is commonly used by AI engineers for its versatility – and it currently makes up the code for a range of AI, from chatbots to self-driving cars. With AI predicted to rapidly grow in a variety of industries, Python is set to create some incredible and innovative machine learning technology, too.

Automating tasks and scripting

Whenever you perform a task on technology repeatedly, there’s likely a way that you can apply Python to make it more efficient. Automating tasks means you can use shortcuts or triggers that allow these tasks to perform on their own, and make the task a lot easier. This is where accountants, engineers and data scientists can benefit from automating and organising their work.

Automating tasks doesn’t happen on its own though – writing code using Python, or scripting, creates these structures. Scripting is also used to scan for errors rapidly, remove duplicates or outliers in data and perform calculations. Python development for simple tasks, like renaming files or sending emails is a great place for beginning developers to learn and practise Python.

Software development, testing and bug tracking

As well as websites and applications, Python software development is prevalent in the tech industry and not just because of its ease and versatility. Python has features that allow for the efficient functioning of software, like build control and bug testing and tracking. Developers can create automated testing features when they install new features and items into existing software too, making the management and maintenance simple.

Everyday tasks

Python is a powerful language for developing some world-changing innovations, but you can also apply it to make your everyday life a little bit easier, without even using a Python development company. Small business owners, social media marketers and organisation-lovers can practise Python by creating simple tasks to:

  • Send automated emails to your clients
  • Calibrate large spreadsheets of data
  • Convert various text formats into spreadsheets
  • Send reminders for your friends’ birthdays
  • Add to your grocery list

Find out how our developers can help bring your project to life

If you have a project in mind, such as the development of a website or an iPhone app, Jaarvis is a specialist Python software development company, ready to assist. At Jaarvis, we believe it is crucial to understand your specific business and requirements before we begin the initial strategy and design process.

With our 4 step process  we can bring the best version of your vision to life using all the tools available through the Python system.  Contact us today to get started.

Initial Strategy

As a WooCommerce Application developer company, we appreciate the need to express your unique vision. Our app developers take the time to understand your business and develop a winning strategy before launch.

Design & Planning

We are an agency of developers that build WooCommerce applications that deliver results, meaning our comprehensive design and planning services are centred around user-centric UI and UX elements.

App Development

In-house teams of seasoned WooCommerce developers work tirelessly to create protected, scalable and vigorous mobile applications.

Ongoing Maintenance

Ensuring your application continues to operate with success, we can provide ongoing maintenance services that provide updates and improvements as they are needed.

Jaarvis is built on innovation, excellence, balance and teamwork giving your vision the best chance at success.